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Don’t brush the moss off of your roof. You can simply treat it and most will fall off within a reasonable amount of time. Brushing and pressure washing your composition roof will cause premature wear. Treatment only is the best way to make you roof last longer.


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Portland Roof Cleaning and repairs only uses premium shakes. This job was done over Christmas break.

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Some recent roof repairs that needed to be completed. Notice there are no exposed nails which could lead to leaks on the roof. Roof repairs in the Beaverton or Portland area are the best way to ensure against roof leaks. Give us a call for a free inspection. Portland Roof Cleaning 503-844-6799

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If you look close you can see 3 holes in the black paper. The black paper is the only thing that is protecting your sheet rock from water damage once the shake is gone. There is water going in this home for sure.

Hip & Ridge area needs some work. These are very important that they stay nice and tight as they seal the top ridge of the roof.